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0000407HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2007-05-05 05:35
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Summary0000407: raise the 2048mb filesize limit
DescriptionLately my notifies open in their usual pop-up window but they are center-alligned as if their window was maximized. So, I can't read them unless I maximize the pop-up window every time it appears.

allowing 32bit instead of the 31bits a signed 32-bit integer provides would be enough. 4096 instead of 2048 MB should be enough for any insane encode out there.

also see:


as this was pushed off this far already going the additional step further wouldn't hurt.
Additional InformationExp:
the size is too large for a 32bit integer value.
(`the size' = 2,470,139,904)

This will actually fit quite comfortably in 32 bits, but not the 31 bits that a signed 32-bit integer provides; are unsigned types not an option?
In Perl, everything is a scalar. Strings, floats, integers - all the same. You can read a number of any length into such a scalar, but only as a string. As soon as you do arithmetic operations with the scalar, it's converted to a signed int or double value.
right now I do some arithmetics in the size handling though (i.e. to insert the dots before displaying a size value anywhere). I could probably do that with string operations too. However, I am not sure what perl will do on other arithmetic checks which i will still need. (i.e. < and >)
I think Math.BigInt (or Math.BigFloat) package will be enough for this purpose. All operations are covered, maybe conversion BigInt -> string (to write to DB or display) may be improved.
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2006-07-17 11:05

administrator   ~0000860

fyi currently 3 files in anidb would need this

149944, 176710, 217434


2006-07-29 03:40

administrator   ~0000942

but do we really need this?
it just seems like a waste of storage, memory, cpu power and effort to convert everything to unsigned int or int64 just for a hand full of files.


2006-07-29 08:03

administrator   ~0000949

Last edited: 2006-07-29 08:04

for the mom no. i'm was just stickign everything that was reported in the forum on the tracker. like i said in the second message. 3(!) files would need that our of 200k. until a significant number would use them i don't think it is needed

it still is soemwhat silly to use signed integer here though. i mean negative size? o_O


2006-09-26 11:16

administrator   ~0001049

Last edited: 2006-09-26 11:17

file 264553 joined the list...


2007-04-17 05:59

administrator   ~0001236

"Lately my notifies open in their usual pop-up window but they are center-alligned as if their window was maximized. So, I can't read them unless I maximize the pop-up window every time it appears." <- wrong copy&paste ? @ description

anyway, I guess the additional 4 byte in db storage size won't really matter. so it's all up to how well we can handle signed 64bit integers in perl.
haven't looked into that yet.


2007-04-17 07:03

administrator   ~0001237

you are again going for signed integer? now not like it really matters if it's 63 or 64 bit, but negative filesize? oO


2007-04-25 08:07

reporter   ~0001240

2 more I have seen:

FileID: 314031, 314042 (GITS Innocence Bluerayrip)
with its actual size about 4GB

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