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0000409HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-02-09 23:25
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Summary0000409: mylist - better display of mixed status
Adding three different Samurai Champloo - 7 RAWs,
just keeping the best one and marking the other two as deleted.
The result is this episode doesn't show up to be on your HDD in
the not enrolled episode view, but you really have it on your HDD!
Would be great if this could be corrected, if no episode is on the HDD any more the real deleted icon shows up. After knowing this, its obvious if one already have a file in list, but its kinda confusing. Furthermore if all episodes has been deleted, but watched the episode count in mylist still states that you have "all" episodes... imo it should be lower by one then.
Additional InformationElberet:
For an anime, all relevant status icons _except_ deleted should be shown, _unless_ all files have been marked as deleted.



2006-07-17 11:48

reporter   ~0000861

so basicaly what you want is:

for every ep with multiple files and with multiple states, show each relevant state (possibly with an indication of each files for each state) except deleted files.
unless all files were deleted in that case only, the state icon should be *deleted* and that particular episode shouldn't count to the total owned eps count.

did i got it right?

btw this last bit wouldn't affect the watched status, because watched is independent of owned.


2006-07-17 16:35

reporter   ~0000862

Yes, it's a "Do What I Mean" thing.

The feature request aims at having AniDB anticipate, to some degree, the user's intention: if all files are marked "deleted", the user doesn't want to keep the episode, so AniDB should say that the episode was deleted. If some files are still marked as "on hdd", for example, it should list the entire episode as "on hdd", because the other deleted files aren't of any important to the user's collection.


2006-07-21 23:29

reporter   ~0000888

some kind of preview of this item is on the forum on the animepage beta thread


2006-08-08 04:11

reporter   ~0000994

I am also eager to see this implemented :)
And wow, Elberet`s still alive even ;)


2007-07-06 00:54

reporter   ~0001364

i've been thinking about this one. it could be tricky..


2007-07-24 06:48

reporter   ~0001397

I think my request should again be added to this:
I just noticed some weird behavior with some watched icons... from this one anime I've got 2 copys of each ep but I have not seen all eps of my second copy... but some of those with 1 watched + 1 unwatched file are marked as watched and some aren't...


2008-03-02 12:03

reporter   ~0001767

I'm gonna second silentguy about the "mixed watched". eg. If you've watched an entire series on dvdrip and never touched the dtv subs but had them no watched state is given which can be confusing at times. Like the Deleted hdd issue if you've watched one it should say watched since you have watched the ep once.

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