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0000041HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-01-06 22:04
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Summary0000041: redirect from ed2kdump to massupdate for known files, which are already in mylist.
DescriptionIf you happen to use ed2kdump, you can encounter the status 'already in list'. Sometimes you added a few files right after downloading them and some when burning those. So when you submit the (long) list of ed2k-hashes from the newly burnt medium, you're likely to encounter the 'already in list'-state. Of course then you have to go to your mylist -> massupdate and input the info (like source/storage) again.

It would be nice, if there was a link on the ed2kdump-resultpage to the massupdate-page with the 'already in list'-files and other info prefilled, so that you'd just have to click the submit-button afterwards. (this step could be automated as well)

todo: put hidden textboxes in the result-page named like those in the massupdate-page and add a submit-button (with some explanation) to call the massupdate-processing-script.
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2006-12-11 12:16

reporter   ~0001124

why not just update existing entries? maybe with a checkbox in submit page

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