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0000436HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2008-04-08 15:15
ReporterLupin III Assigned Tofahrenheit  
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Summary0000436: manual configurable Filter Options for Episode-Filelists
DescriptionThere are many episodes that have 20+ video-files associated with them and it's difficult to find the matching ones in the list for every episode. Some of them have low quality, just a few users, don't have audio/subtitles in a language I understand or are part of a release never completed.

Some of the issues are partly covered by the "Hide deprecated files" option. But instead of automatically defining what's deprecated, it should be user configureable with default options set on the profile page and overrideable with the "show all"-link on the list (<- this is already done).

Options in my personal order of preference:

1. Hide files with no audio in either lang1 or lang2 or ...
same for subtitles, but maybe different languages (I like the japanese original audio but couldn't read japanese subtitles, e.g.)

2. Only show files of groups, that have releases for all episodes, which means they either have state complete or state ongoing, if the series is still on air.

3. Hide files that don't fulfill a quality rating of at least 'x point y' stars

4. Hide files with less than 'x' users

5. Similar to 3: hide files below a given resolution or from certain signal-sources

Of course, if a file is the single file it should still be shown, even if it doesn't match all the filter criteria (<- this is there, too).

Optionally on the "Show Anime"-page: show only the files of a selected group. I often try the first episodes of several groups and then select the best in overall quality. Only after that I add the other files of the series. But as said above, it is sometimes tedious to pick out the matching ones out of the others.

And finally (no filtering, just sorting):
It seems there is a date in the database, when a file was added/changed, as it is shown on the episode detail page. Would be nice if it were displayed on the list to and the files could be sorted by date instead of size. Sorting by other columns (group, quality, users, ...) would be useful, too.
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2006-07-21 09:44

reporter   ~0000866

on todo, half of it is already done, i'm missing the file filters though.


2008-04-08 15:15

administrator   ~0001932

i consider this done. the filter for animelist are fine as they are atm in ajax. more is just clobbering it with options

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