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0000446HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2015-09-13 04:13
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Summary0000446: groups / categories in mylist
DescriptionBasically, the same thing that eMule 0.26+ does...

To better sort, order and manage the animes in the mylist so that, for example, friends looking at the mylist can instantly find your personal favorites. Would also help with separating movies from series and ongoing series from completed ones.

Possible user interface solution:

- Add a link to a category management page in the mylist menu's utils section. In the category manager, users can create, rename and delete mylist categories.

- Add a dropdown control and "Select" button at the top, just below the character bar. The dropdown contains all currently existing categories. Selecting a category will hide all files that are in a different or no category. A default category "all" will ignore the category assignment and simply show all files, as it does right now.

- Add a second dropdown control and "Move" button close to the actions dropdown.

- Extend the mylist table to include a category id for each file. The category can be assigned by editing the mylist entry or using the move button.

- On anime pages, add a mylist category dropdown to the "seen" and "state" dropdowns.

- Place the category selector into the right border in the mylist, below the menu.
- Allow category names to be typed in; if a category with that name doesn't exist, it is created on the fly.
- More to come...
Additional Informationway more text here:



2006-07-21 22:57

reporter   ~0000882

Last edited: 2006-07-21 22:57

okay, my ideia is a bit complicated to explain, but here it goes:

this could be done with the help of the "tag" feature exp introduced a couple of months ago, but Elberet *categories* are going to be anime based instead of file based, when i get arround to the new mylist page i would just need the tags each user added to an anime, and a complete listing of the user tags and make a dropdown box from the users complete list of tags that would only show animes of that tag.

there, an actual usefull usage for the tag feature :P

would this be usefull ?


2007-07-04 20:54

reporter   ~0001353

I think that Elberet's idea is a good one: like that I could tag/categorize an anime as:
* "dropped" for animes I don't want to see fully
* "2", "3", "4" for animes I've seen two/three/four times
* "again" for anime I want to see again
* "forgot" for anime I've seen but I've forgot the plot


2007-07-05 06:06

administrator   ~0001357

Last edited: 2007-07-05 06:06

well, this is _exactly_ what I added the tag feature for.
the problem is just that it is totally useless until it is integrated into the mylist :P
the way fahrenheit described it is how i had planned to do it.


2007-07-12 09:45

administrator   ~0001384

Don't forget the tcp api when you add this with tags, aom.6 essentially has support for it already. (since I already did something similar... =/)


2007-07-26 07:58

administrator   ~0001400

see also:


2008-08-04 23:07

reporter   ~0002265

needs a new set of tags or something related..


2015-09-13 04:13

manager   ~0003605

Some slightly more recent discussion on mylist personal user tags:

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