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0000454HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-06-09 14:30
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Summary0000454: rename "on cd" to "archived" or soemthing similar
Descriptionthe age of cd's is long over and even dvd's will be gone in a few years. using some more generic term might be good.

people might argument that they archive their files on hdd, but the poin of "on cd" and "archived" is that the files aren't directly at hand.

"on hdd" implies it's right here and ready to be used.

it's all a bit silly, but oh well. "on cd" is just awkward
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2006-07-26 09:58

reporter   ~0000925

I understand the point and I agree somewhere. What about saying 'visual media'? Or perhaps 'externally archived' as alternatives?


2006-07-26 10:20

administrator   ~0000935

hmm "local archived" and "external archieved"


2006-08-03 11:44

administrator   ~0000984

Offline storage and online storage?


2006-08-31 09:32

reporter   ~0001010

I think Baka-sama`s idea for 'local' and 'external' sounds best, to be honest.


2006-09-05 18:10

reporter   ~0001015

But... the baka can't spell...

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