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0000465HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2009-09-26 16:55
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Summary0000465: No. of episodes xx + yyextra + possible general notify (wolf's rain)
DescriptionI just read on IRC that Wolf's Rain is not complete with 26 episodes but that there are 4 extra Eps, which are currently added as specials. While I consider them extras and the "completeness" is achieved with 26 Episodes, I have to admit I would not have noticed that the series is incomplete because I usually only look at the number of episodes in the list. With AoM I usually don't have to visit every Anime page too often and most of the time DVD Rips are leleased in batches of three or four, like it was this time when a4e released 23-26. Now I would have overlooked the fact that I do not have the series complete at the moment if I would not have stumbled over the discussion on IRC, which told me that a4e will have another 4 eps out sometime soon.

I would like to have another field added to the DB where we could (manually) add the number of extra episodes released outside of the original release (whatever it might be), so that the number of episodes for wolf's rain for instance would read 26 + 4 and I would notice sooner.

There are a couple of Anime out there which get extra episodes when they are released on DVD. I guess if we add something like this even those people who turn off the notification for their groups for an Anime might notice later on that they might have missed something when they are browsing their mylist. Or maybe it would be nice to have a notification optopn for people who have series complete in their mylist and once a series gets extra episodes that they get a general notification that the series they have now has gotten extra episodes.
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related to 0000140 new multiple ep orders for animes 



2009-09-26 16:55

administrator   ~0003000

in some way done.

added "ep type" types of notifications to only receive filenotifications for special episodes etc.

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