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0000050HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2007-12-06 08:29
ReporterDonGato Assigned Toexp  
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Summary0000050: DB Entries contain invalid character codes
DescriptionSome DB entries contain non-html encoded special characters which are not displayed correctly.
Possible solution: run a script over all DB entries which converts such characters into their html encoded counterparts.

Old Req:
While browsing with FireFox the anime Turn A (and some others) the page encoding used in AniDB (iso-8859-1) shows some strange characters for episodes and description. This isn't only related to FireFox; the same happens with IE and Opera. Shouldn't the encoding be changed to UTF-8 or some sort of escaping for the wrong characters be made?

Link to anime:
Additional InformationProblem: the counterpart for some characters may be undefined because it can no longer be determined which encoding was used when they were entered.
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2005-01-06 14:37

reporter   ~0000101

It seems I misunderstood the problem. The problem is a wrong character that seems to have been left from some old encoding style. Couldn't this be fixed by a process over the database?


2005-01-07 17:31

administrator   ~0000103

yes, and this in ONTODO, however, it doesn't have a high priority so far.


2005-01-07 17:32

administrator   ~0000104

btw. if you change this request accordingly I'll be happy to change it's state to ONTODO too :P


2005-01-07 19:43

reporter   ~0000105

The problem is I don't have the rights to change it :(


2005-01-09 12:23

reporter   ~0000118

I must state that the most common mistake is the one visible in Turn-A Gundam episodes about the ' (apostrophe).


2005-01-19 07:43

reporter   ~0000147

I've often submitted corrections about those apostrophes.
You could just make creq for each episode and it will be solved.

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