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0000523HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2007-01-06 22:04
ReporterElias Assigned Toepoximator  
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Summary0000523: Extension .flv as possible File Type
DescriptionI couldn't add to anidb (Black Lagoon 2nd season promo) video in .flv format, this extension was not available. Maybe it was the first and last file in this format, so instead of adding .flv extension to list maybe something more general:
Add "another / not listed" entry in list of available file extensions - it could solve problems with such rare extensions (ed2klink for such files would be without extension and real extension can be saved in file description).
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2006-10-03 14:25

reporter   ~0001064

Edit: if adding "another" entry would be problematic i want also ".pdf" extension - there are some additional .pdf files for "Ayakashi" subbed by gg.


2006-10-10 12:23

administrator   ~0001066

no way

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