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Summary0000534: Company notifies
DescriptionIt would be fun to know when a anime is added to a certain company. I found 2 or 3 company that I loved everything a viewed from them. It would de interesing that I can be notifies if this company do another project.
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2010-07-19 09:38

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this is somewhat tricky because it would need to be defined what one would want to be notified on. lots of people/studios often have minor participation in projects and i kinda assume no one would want a notify about that. specifying what really matters isn't that trivial especially how some bits are only doing minor jobs (sure it's unlikely that anyone would want to be notified about a certain korean subcontractor, but hell knows). furthermore there is the question about the timeframe. anidb has by no means a full set of credits for the old entries already. hence would one want to be notified only about new projects or do old ones count as well...

to some extend this can be made user set-able by options, but it's less feasible for the actual credit layer.

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