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0000056HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-07-02 09:25
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Summary0000056: MyList Report - Animes marked as all seen and no vote
DescriptionI know that when you mark a completed anime all watched appears a [!] besides it to make the user vote on the anime, but when you have several hundreds of mylist entries it can be dificult to find animes that aren't voted but are complete and watched, so is it possible to use the mylist reports to check for completed animes with watched status and report them in a single page to make possible easy votes?
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2005-08-30 11:59

reporter   ~0000679

or only adding a line to "show/hide", "permanted voted"
or adding to "user related:", "list not voted"


2005-09-01 15:20

reporter   ~0000688

Just search that "!" image in page source meanwhile. :)


2006-06-30 20:36

administrator   ~0000841

after some thinking about it this is somewhat complicated. also because of exp's dirty specialeps implementation.

oh well just kep looking for the "!" :P

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