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0000631HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2007-06-09 14:35
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Summary0000631: mylist does not consistently respect language preference
DescriptionIn my profile, I have both "Default anime title language" and "Default episode title language" set to Japanese. When I view MyList, anime titles are properly shown in Japanese, and if I open an anime page, the episode titles are also shown in Japanese.

However, if I view MyList and expand an anime to show the episodes I have (by pressing its corresponding orange [+] button), the episode titles are shown in English. I am fairly certain that these used to be displayed in Japanese for me (that is, following my profile settings).
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2007-04-23 23:37

reporter   ~0001238

Sorry, wrong category - this should've been Interface related (and I can't appear to edit my own defect reports)

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