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0000072AniDB IRC (Chii/Lafiel)Feature Requestpublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0000072: option to revoke vote/votetmp with chii
DescriptionCheesyP18 wanted this:
If you type !vote(tmp) anime r your (temp)vote should be cleared.
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2005-07-06 02:01

administrator   ~0000577

Problem: what should "!vote bishoujo senshi sailor moon r" do? (For the hard of thinking, the options are to display the user's vote for anime 2539 (the current behaviour) or revoke the user's vote for anime 235.)


2005-07-06 07:53

reporter   ~0000578

I'd say, as with !vote macross 7, the non-construtive/destructive option should be the default. Could add the synonym 'revoke' which appears in no titles for unambiguous revoking.


2005-07-06 14:09

administrator   ~0000579

I'd be very surprised (well, not me really but me as I was when I joined anidb) if I typed !vote macross 7 and instead of casting a vote it told me that I hadn't voted for this anime yet. The current behaviour (bar stopping at the first number) is the least surprising and should be the default. (This is unfortunate cross-talk with

Another possible disambiguation aid would be "!vote <anime> ?" to explicitly retrieve a vote.

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