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0000807SigServerFeature Requestpublic2007-11-29 20:48
ReporterDerIdiot Assigned Toantennen  
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Summary0000807: change redirect to point to the users userpage / allow for manula setting of the redirect
Descriptionatm the automatical generated link directs to

now while this is all nice and fluffy for advertisement purposes it would be featurewise be better to point to the users userpage if wanted by the user.

so either completely change the current behaviour or better allow for manual setting of that redirect. maybe restricted it to anidb related pages (reviews, votes, mylist, userpage of that user)
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2007-11-26 14:59

administrator   ~0001506

Last edited: 2007-11-26 15:04

The dropdown on Signature Edit page can set that. ATM only MyList is supported, but I'll add more later. It links to the sigserver which redirects for stats logging. Those pages will be added soon though

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