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0000835SigServerFeature Requestpublic2008-05-29 21:16
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Summary0000835: Let AniDB know about "public" signatures.
DescriptionI am planning to display a users "public" signature images on the users "userpage" on AniDB.

With "public" signature images I mean that the user should have a way to tag his signatures to be public or private in the SigServer webinterface.

With "letting AniDB know" I mean that the SigServer should request a specific HTTP GET url which provides the users uid, the signature id and the signature key string together with an add/remove toggle.
I.e. the sigserver could request that url whenever the user toggles a signature between public and private or when a user deletes a signature image or when the signature key changes.

AniDB would be storing that information in its own database and would use it to include signature images on the users "userpage".
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2008-04-24 17:57

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