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0000842SigServerBug Reportpublic2007-12-15 14:41
Reporterbouns Assigned Toantennen  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000842: background .png's transparency is not preserved on image processing
Descriptionbg-images with gaps or semi-transparent sections will be crushed to solid black/white;
checked sample image in browser window and forum post which showed the transparency, so i can rule out that mistake;
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2007-12-14 13:49

reporter   ~0001561

for .gif's the background transparency seems to survive, but now transparent '<shape>' fields will render solid no matter the opacity value


2007-12-14 16:29

administrator   ~0001562

The gif issue is a limitation in the gif format. It can set a color which will be transparent, which makes half opaque stuff impossible. I will check the png transparency, should be fixable.


2007-12-15 14:41

administrator   ~0001568


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