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0000950HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2009-05-01 21:07
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Summary0000950: massf- like SingleFileAdd-stile
DescriptionIt would be great if the massf would have more adjustable options, like in the single file add... For example dual (japanese audio, ? audio, ? subtitles)... The first audio-stream isn't always japanese... And the number of streams can vary for both audio and subtitles... The result can lock stupid like this (info column). And its costs a lot of time to fix it afterwards, especially if there is a large number of episodes.
Is it possible to add a Manual Template where one can choose how many audio streams there are, what language they are, and what type(dub, fandub, normal...) they are and the same for subtitles? Or at least to make that Japaneses cease to be the defoult first audio stream?


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2008-02-23 21:50

reporter   ~0001739

japanese being first is not a problem since we want them first regardless of the actual order.


2008-02-24 16:51

reporter   ~0001743

I don't get it... Then why can I add single file without it having the first audiotrack as jap? And why autocreging an .ogm file with audiolang informations changes the order to the actual? Thats are 2 opportunities to make it right against 1 to make it how you want it to be ^^. Not to mention the possibility of adding files with no jap audio stream at all... Lets say I want to add 100 DBZ episodes with only English and Albanian audio-streams as .avi without audiolang infos... Then I have a huge problem...
But if the grandmasters don't want... ^^


2008-05-08 08:49

reporter   ~0002035

will see if i can make something out of this.

it's low priority btw.


2008-05-08 14:16

reporter   ~0002047

Last edited: 2008-07-12 05:54

Thx, it would be great, cause I was already thinking of writing a Greasemonkey script for client-side cheat (if it possible) ^^ The Issue sometimes becomes really annoying...

Great Vovs

2009-03-11 20:15

reporter   ~0002599

Last edited: 2009-03-11 20:15

please, pay attention to this issue
now i want to add 115 episodes of Candy Candy only with russian dub. what should i do?

if it is hard to implement fully adjustable massfileadd, may be it should be added simply more templates, for example 'fandub only' or something else


2009-03-14 16:19

reporter   ~0002607

Great Vovs,
There is a "dub only" option when mass-adding files: it shouldn't be a problem.

I have issues when there are more than two audio streams, or more than one subtitle streams. In those cases, I need to manually add/edit those additional streams if avdump fails to identify the correct language.

Great Vovs

2009-03-15 12:57

reporter   ~0002609

Last edited: 2009-03-15 12:58

i thought that "dub only" adds only audio file without any video data...
but i want to add not only audio streams, but video-files of full value.


2009-03-15 13:43

reporter   ~0002610

It does add a video stream. Just try it.

Great Vovs

2009-03-15 19:08

reporter   ~0002611

Amour, thanks. it works :)


2009-03-15 23:53

reporter   ~0002612

I actually far prefer the massfile style over the single file add style, because I *don't* have to add as much data. I even add single files through massf - avdump does the rest anyway.


2009-05-01 21:07

reporter   ~0002766

introduced, will be online eventualy

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