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0000984SigServerFeature Requestpublic2008-03-12 08:49
Reportercermi Assigned Toantennen  
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Summary0000984: Anime time
DescriptionIs it possible to add the anidb signatures a variable containing how much time I've spent watching anime? Just make sum of the lengths of anime in mylist.
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2008-03-02 11:33

administrator   ~0001765

this is on the todo list

However, efficent calculation of that value is somewhat tricky and will probably need some additional changes to the db schema for caching purposes. Which is delaying this change quite noteably.


2008-03-02 11:35

administrator   ~0001766

btw. it might also be interesting to invest some thought in how such a value could be displayed on a sig pic in a graphical manner.

Dispalying the raw value as text would work of course. But some kind of bar graph might be much more interesting. One example can be seen in the Anime-Planet signature images.

The big question there is what is the upper bound?
The user with the most anime watched?
All of anidb?
X years?


2008-03-10 08:55

administrator   ~0001810

the anidb side of this feature request is now implemented


2008-03-10 18:54

administrator   ~0001814

Time to add Sigserver support then.

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