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0000989HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2008-03-18 12:29
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Summary0000989: Retrieve anime/groups by language
DescriptionAn option to only list anime and or groups with *releases* that satisfy the "default languages" configuration in my profile will be very handy. This will allow one to, say, find all anime with Spanish dubs and then choose which anime to watch.
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2008-03-11 08:18

reporter   ~0001817

Thanks for implementing this! However, it appears to be slightly buggy at the moment:

When I set Spanish as the _only_ audio language in my profile and applied the language filter, I got only 23 results. It looked like it also added in a restriction for the _subtitle_ languages.

However, when I disabled all subtitle languages in my profile and refreshed the page, there appeared to be no change, as the results were still being restricted to English subtitles only.

If I enabled both English and Spanish audio languages in my profile, the filter only restricted results to "English dubs only" and not "English OR Spanish dubs only".

If I enabled both English and Spanish subtitles in my profile, the filter only restricted results to "English subtitles only" and not "English OR Spanish subtitles only".

IOW, only the first audio and subtitles options in my profile were being taken into consideration. This could well be intentional and easy to work around, though. But, if either field is empty in my profile, I'd expect it to default to "any" and if more than one option exist for either field, I'd expect an "or".

I hope that made sense. Thanks!


2008-03-12 09:39

reporter   ~0001821

Last edited: 2008-03-12 09:40

yes, it's limited to the first preferred language atm. (latest-files is limited to the two first). if there's no pref lang, then it defaults to

note that you can select the language by hand @ adv. search (ie. override pref)


2008-03-12 14:29

reporter   ~0001830

Thanks for the clarification. This issue can be closed.

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