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0001197HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-07-14 13:42
ReporterHarkonnen Assigned Tofahrenheit  
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Summary0001197: mylist entries do not expand if url doesnt have "&uid=xxxx" part after last update
Descriptionmylist entries do not expand if url doesnt have "&uid=xxxx" part after last update (in particular - links to mylist from anime pages). Javascript reports error "node.parentNode has no properties
Source File: Line: 655"

TagsAJAX, mylist


has duplicate 0001198 resolvedfahrenheit can't edit mylist entry when going to mylist by "mylist info" link in animepage 



2008-07-12 21:15

reporter   ~0002176

i've identified where the problem lies, did a quick patching up to at least makes the files expand, needs a better fix


2008-07-13 19:28

reporter   ~0002179

i was wrong about severity "minor" :( its more like "block". not only links from anime page, but search in mylist and performing "update selected files" removes &uid part from url, effectively making ajaxified mylist unusable in its current state. needs to be fixed properly asap


2008-07-14 07:48

reporter   ~0002183

I don't know if this is related to the issue being discussed here but here goes:
In the non-AJAX version of AniDB, if I go to my MyList and expand an anime entry (with the "Show file info in mylist by default" option unchecked) there will be no + signs next to the episode titles, effectively preventing me from expanding them to see the actual files I have on my list.

Here's a screenshot:

And just in case this helps for anything, here's the URL I got after navigating to the Fumoffu entry and expanding it:


2008-07-14 13:40

reporter   ~0002184

fixed and online

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