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0001247HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0001247: Differentiate between "arcs" in a series
DescriptionIt'd be nice if there was a feature that delimited "arcs" in a series, perhaps with options to also indicate if they are fillers etc.

While this could probably be done via episode comments, it would be cleaner to do this at a lower level allowing for a better interface and what not ...

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Le Eliminateur

2008-08-19 02:08

reporter   ~0002300

Hello, the word you're looking for is "ARC" not "ARK"


2008-08-20 22:30

reporter   ~0002303

just look at the related tracker item, and look at the date, that should give you an idea of how long a wait will this be :P


2008-08-22 11:25

administrator   ~0002306

yet that's not quite the same as what DerIdiot posted. This would be somewhat easier to implement, it would still require new table entries for arcs and then to add an arc relation to the episode, then via js display the ARC name (those names would most likely be unofficial) above the episode the arc starts at all while being foldable or maybe optional in profile... for example.


2008-08-22 12:39

reporter   ~0002307

between doing this one or doing the related tracker item, we should do the related and get this done the best way possible.


2008-08-22 13:24

reporter   ~0002308

While the other issue is related, they are probably mutually exclusive in terms of their implementation...

As nwa said, a new table will be required to classify each episode under its arc. Perhaps something like:
arcid, arcname, arctype, aid

and a relationship table:
epid, arcid

The arctype field would indicate if the archive is a filler etc. I'm not sure how far anidb supports localisation or if archive names are translated at all..

Perhaps the arctype can also be used to indicate "seasons" if archives are unavailable.


2008-08-23 11:20

reporter   ~0002309

they are all the same issue, ep orders, seasons, arcs, whatever, the implementation will be the same.

somethingid, somethingtype (arc, season, order, etc), aid (for indexing i guess) [we had other things to go here i think]

epid [or ep array for], somethingid

somethingtitle, somethingtitletype [official, alias, etc], langid, verified, verifiedby

all these also get update and edituid.
There was an issue, which i think was one of the reasons we didn't do anything about this, related to what to do with the actual episode numbering under arcs/seasons/releases/etc, i think we discussed this on the channel, but i'm not sure if we ever reached an agreement.

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