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0000240HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2007-08-06 05:12
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Summary0000240: stronger group relations/virtual groups
Descriptionatm the relation between those is rather weak or almost not existing. only thing that connects them is a link in the group profile, but there is no connection between their data.

ok lets make a simple example, which can be found rather often:

anime Z gets subbed by group A for 3 eps
for ep 4+ group A asks group B to join the work
at some point, lets say after ep 10 group A & B decide to stop working together and A finishes the last 2 eps alone.
B does 1 ep, but drops it afterwards.

looking at the groupinfo this means atm:
Group A 12 finished
Group B 11 dropped
Group A&B 10 stalled

even though it should be

Group A 12 complete
Group B 11 dropped
Additional Informationthis leads to 3 possible solutions:
- dirty fix aka solution 3: add some new state which implies it was finished by child/parentgroup. basically allow to manually set state "finished"} very dirty fix and definitely not recommended

- stronger relations betweens the child and parentgroups
meaning everything that was done by the childgroup gets counted to the parentgroup. this also requires different sets of relations, but thats needed anyway:

- virtual groups which would solve the problem more easily imho
atm you have to add the 3rd "group" (group A&B in my example) which is no real group. It would be best to get rid of this "wrong" data and replace it with some sort of virtual group. basically you add the 2 parent groups seperatly to the file and those 2 form the virtual group (group A&B). this would allow to add joined releases more easily imho and would remove the "wrong" group info.

to continue my example this would mean in the groupinfo to display the data like this:

Group A 12 complete
Group B 11 dropped

and in the grouppages:

Group A
Anime Z 12 complete

Group B
Anime Z 7 dropped

in case B would have finished the rel themselves by doing ep 12 or by finishing it in coorporation with A the status would be:

Group B
Anime Z 8 finished
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2005-07-17 16:49

administrator   ~0000593

I don't agree here.
IMHO the correct way to display this fact would be something like
Group A 12 completed
Group B 11 dropped
Group A&B 10 dropped (split)

If a file is released with tag "[A&B]" I think that's what should be added for the file and that's also what should be shown in the group info. Just showing
Group A 12 completed
Group B 11 dropped
feels wrong. And always displaying all groups of a joined project would clutter the groupinfo table needlessly.



2005-07-17 16:51

administrator   ~0000594

hey if thats possible, the better. feel free to ignore my suggestion fix the problem and do it in whatever way oyu want. i just wanted to get this problem on the tracker


2005-10-19 21:43

reporter   ~0000705

I would like to warn about the language problem: for example, group DB has a sub-group DB-FR. But they do not sub in the same language. So we shouldn't mark an anime as complete in this case of relation.


2006-07-20 17:09

administrator   ~0000864

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