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0002813HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-02-18 04:28
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Summary0002813: Creator page (show=creator&creatorid=XYZ), under anime songs: add songanimerel type & eprange columns
DescriptionThis is similar to 0002808, but also including epranges (which should probably not be added in the other one). The reasoning is also similar: it is a real hassle to have to open other pages to check the reltype/etc, so this information should be presented in the creator page as well.

The same song can have more than one relation to a given anime, so that should be covered as well.

I made a little mock-up pic (attached), based on with fake data (What's Up People isn't the ep 37 ED), to illustrate the idea. It's fugly but should do the job.
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2017-02-18 04:26


songmockup.png (15,045 bytes)   
songmockup.png (15,045 bytes)   


2017-02-18 04:28

reporter   ~0003976

Oh, yeah: version information (i.e. normal vs instrumental) is likely quite overkill for that page and shouldn't be necessary. Screen real estate is not infinite, after all.

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