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0000357HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2007-07-02 09:22
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Summary0000357: Some fields are reset when you press "Search" on "Add File" page
DescriptionWhen you press "Search" to find group on "Add File" page, most values that you've already entered are not passed to next form, forcing you to fill them again. Fixing this may allow to implement fix for as well.
Steps To ReproduceTry adding file, play with checkboxes and dropdowns in video/audio/subtitle sections, try searching for a group, go fill all those sections again.
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related to 0000054 resolvedfahrenheit Forget filling in something....lose everything you filled in 
related to 0000243 resolvedfahrenheit an error is happening when searching for a group in "add/edit file" 
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2006-07-01 18:46

administrator   ~0000850

the new fileadd page is currently in developement. including a different way for the groupsearch to work. meaning there won't be a pagereload and hence the data won't get lost.


2007-06-09 14:28

administrator   ~0001285

considering the search is done in js now this needs no fix. only intertesting for people without js and those we can ignore *waves to windy* :P

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