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0000459HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2006-11-02 13:42
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Summary0000459: deleting "sent messages"
Descriptioncomment from exp:

"meaning the only reason to clean those would be to keep the screen less cluttered. and in that case they wouldn't be deleted from the database but only flagged as being hidden from the sent view. "

yes indeed hiding them from me would eb enough. my list starts to get seriously clutterred with messanges back from 2003
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duplicate of 0000247 resolvedepoximator possibility to delete messages in outbox separatly 



2006-07-21 20:45

reporter   ~0000871

Don't send messages. :P


2006-07-26 09:49

reporter   ~0000922

Or make pages. Then you can set them as display: 10, or 100 or whatever.


2006-07-26 10:19

administrator   ~0000933

i would prefer to hide/delete them. i got no use for those pms anymore


2006-11-02 13:42

reporter   ~0001097

added exactly one year after the duplicate... funny

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