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0000897HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2008-08-01 23:10
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Summary0000897: Mod feature: a verify link on the mass-add-episode page
DescriptionAfter mass-adding episode titles, we need to mass-verify them.

Instead of having to browse through a long mod-report, it might be easier to have verify/unverify links directly available on the mass-add-episode page:

This would also allow to easyly unverify entries when you discover that the Japanese episode order is different from the international episode order.
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related to 0001045 resolvedfahrenheit Allow multiple languages to be set for episodes titles 
related to 0000997 resolvedfahrenheit Episode range verification for episode titles 



2008-02-06 03:46

reporter   ~0001668

Last edited: 2008-02-21 21:58

example of things I need to mass-unverify:

(edit: unverification done...)


2008-05-23 16:58

reporter   ~0002091

this is what i'm currently working on.

still haven't got the (un)verify thing working though


2008-08-01 23:10

reporter   ~0002251

actualy the verify thing was working since i reworked the massep page for ajax, the thing is that the ep xml is server cached and won't show the episode title diferences in less than 4 hours..

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