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0000973HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2008-03-10 07:35
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Summary0000973: Notification history - replace clear links with checkboxes
DescriptionI use the notification history page a lot, but because a lot of notifications tend to come in together it gets tiring sitting there and clicking the clear button for each and every notification. I'm aware that there is a clear all button, but sometimes there are some notifications I want to leave there, so to delete the rest of them I have to click them one by one. I think it would be much more efficient to set up checkboxes; pretty much all the other menus have them.


related to 0000725 resolvedepoximator A selective deletion of private messages 
has duplicate 0000986 closed Replace 'Clear' link with a checkbox in Notification History. 



2008-02-28 15:47

reporter   ~0001760

Not exactly the same, just a reminder about issue 0000725: Private messages also need checkboxes.

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